Hustle Easy with Clarity: Bring Your Mission to Life

Workshop to help you bring your MISSION to LIFE!

Live Your Mission | Impact Lives | Hustle with Joy

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  • Do you wake up inspired or chasing a never-ending to-do list?
  • Are you constantly thinking of how to keep up with the competition?
  • Want more energy for things that matter in life?
  • Prefer to invest your time and energy in fruitful activities?
  • Would you like to know your worth and state it with confidence?

Stop hustling hard for what comes naturally to you. You became an entrepreneur because you're good at what you do. Others may share the same talents, but not all share the same vision.

The struggle is real to keep finding that fire in the belly to keep going as an entrepreneur. Late nights, 24-7 work mode, second-guessing every small decision you make, losing track of days and perhaps why you even started this.

This workshop will take you through a process to get you back on track with a powerful mission that isn’t just a beautiful sentence but your way of life.

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In this workshop you will:

1. De-Clutter your mind and re-align with your mission
2. Re-Invest your time, energy, and resources wisely
3. Set goals that inspire you and your customers
4. Know your worth and the value you bring to your customer
5. Get fired up about your passion and live your purpose

It’s not just about finding your purpose; it is about living it without burning out!

Everyone has a gift to makes a difference in the world. Don’t let yours die an untimely death.

Live Your Mission | Unleash Your Fire | Sustain Your Passion

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Who Should Attend:
Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Side-Hustlers

What a Powerful Mission Does:
1. Instantly CONNECTS you with your customers
2. Helps MARKET you based on your purpose
3. Saves you precious TIME for other activities in life
4. Saves you ENERGY to stay focused on activities that serve your mission
5. Saves you MONEY to invest in tools and services that truly serve you
6. Keeps you MOTIVATED even on your low days
7. Brings MEANING for why you wake up in the morning
8. Helps you go to bed SATISFIED knowing you worked towards something you truly care for
9. Prevents you from losing SLEEP over "grass-is-greener-on-the-competitor's-side" syndrome

What Others Who Attended this Workshop Have to Say:

“I thought I knew my "why" I do business, I wanted to bring more value to clients, help them earn more and inspire more young talents. Until Chitrah Karthigeyan told me that this is my "how". "Why" is usually a value, feeling, an emotion that we seek while doing our "how". We are fortunate to have Chitrah today to conduct a workshop for my core team on finding our "why" and our Ikigai (purpose). After the session, I gained more clarity on what was driving me, it was "recognition". This explained why I wanted to create value for my clients to gain recognition, and to inspire more young talents to be recognised too. I also aligned myself with my values, strengths, what the world needs from me. When we align them together, we create a powerful statement that will give us clarity and motivates us to impact more lives. Different people have different "why" and values. Some want to have freedom, some want to have a sense of security. It's usually more than money and actions."
- Nicsman Tay
Entrepreneur, Marketer and Business Coach

"I was never destined to become a trainer... Until I discovered my WHY. Years ago, I was still pursuing Accounting & Finance in my Bachelor Degree, believing that this is the path that I should be going after in my future. But I was unhappy. I lost my drive and motivation. I was struggling. And I knew one thing. This is not the life I envision for myself. Then I decided to call it a stop, and pursue my passion for speaking and empowering others. I was lucky that I found my WHY. I had the privilege to attend a workshop by Chitrah Karthigeyan. Here’s why I believe it’s extremely important for you.
It gives you more clarity in what you are pursuing, giving you the upper hand to have clear-
cut strategies to achieve your goals.
It serves as an invisible force that pushes you towards your goal when you don’t feel like it.
It makes you happy because what you do resonates with who you are. I found my WHY in this workshop. All I could say is that it’s extremely Powerful and Mind-Blowing. I would
never have expected that."
- Ong Shu Yi
Speaker, Trainer, Coach

How to Attend:

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3. Learn how to Live Your Mission


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This is a special new year offer to help entrepreneurs kick the year off with clarity and renewed energy.

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Our Commitment to You

You won't just have a great mission statement, but a plan to live it out
We value clarity and are committed to helping you find yours
Your success is our joy
You will always get more than your money's worth with us

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Meet the Trainer:

Sat Jan 18, 2020
9:30 AM - 7:30 PM MYT
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New Year Special SOLD OUT RM600.00
Venue Address
3, Jalan Dato Abdul Aziz, Seksyen 14, Petaling Jaya Malaysia
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